Puppy Training

£90 /6 weeks [fee includes training tools]

To help your little puppy friends grow up into happy and confident dogs that ensure they are equipped with all the skills they need to fit into your family life, we offer a range of training classes to meet your puppy's needs.


Rescue & Developing Dog Training

£90 /6 weeks [fee includes training tools]

To help your rescue, adolescent or adult friends learn and adapt the skills they need to fit into your family life. To help continue to develop your confident and happy dog through all life stages, we offer a range of training classes to meet your puppy's needs.


Behaviour Consultation

Price on Application

Whether your looking for some early help at home before your puppy can leave the house, or you dog has some specific challenges you would like help with, we are happy to meet you at a location of your choice to work through any specific concerns you have.

All our comprehensive consultations include:

  • pre-consultation questionnaire

  • 1:1 consultation

  • debrief report

  • follow-up call

A Puppy Playing with a Toy

Puppy 'Starter' Visit

Price On Application

So you have got your puppy home and they have set about dismantling your house to make it more 'homely' - what next?  We have all been there!  We are here to help you as you are learning to help your little bundle adapt and fit into your family life before they are able to leave the house and start their full puppy training.

Image by Cam Bowers

Dog Walking (Group)

£12 /45 minute walk

Whether on lead or off, we offer group walks in and around the local woodlands and ranges - in the country air and away from the hussle and bussle!  These walks consist of NO MORE than 4 dogs for their safety and your piece of mind.

Dog Outside

Dog Walking (Individual)

Price On Application

We specialise in pets who do not always cope so well or do not enjoy spending time with others - these special pets are close to our heart and as such we offer customised services to support their needs.

Image by Berkay Gumustekin

Puppy/Cat Visits

£12 /30 minute visit

Whether you are looking to give your pet some company while you are at work, or to feed your furry friend while you are on holiday, we can tailor a package to meet your needs.

Cat on Counter

Pet Sitting (Client’s House)

£50 /24 hour period

If your pet does not cope so well with traditional kennels/boarding, we will be happy to come and stay with/visit your pet(s) in their own home for their comfort and security.


Dog Agility

£90 /10 sessions

Fun for all the family and fantastic enrichment for your dog!  Agility is great for building your dogs confidence, coordination and fitness as well as developing valuable training skills.

For more information, contact Hannah @ Dingley Dell Farm in Pirbright.


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