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We are priviledged to have been given permission to run all our CaniCross sessions in the beautiful 2100 acres of the Alice Holt forest - one of the Forestry England's most popular destinations! We are not athletes, we just have a passion for enriching our dog's lives. Regardless of your ability, we aim to give you the confidence to weave through these stunning woodlands on an exhilarating CaniCross adventure. Open to everyone, regardless of ability, and feel both the mental and physical wellbeing benefits.

What We Offer

  • How old does my dog need to be?
    Your dog must be fully matured before they take part in running. This is typically around the age of one year old, but may vary as dogs mature and grow at different speeds. We would strongly recommend that you seek advice and guidance from your vet if in any doubt.
  • Can my child attend these classes?
    Yes. So long as they are able to maintain control of the dog at all times. We only ask that under 18's are accompanied by an adult at all times.
  • Can any dog take part?
    As long as they are old enough and willing enough, then any dog can take part. All dogs (and people) can potentially take part CaniCross.
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